The Hierarchical Equilibrium Thermodynamics of Living Systems in Action

Georgi P. Gladyshev

Institute of Physico-Chemical Problems of Evolution

of the International Academy of Creative Endeavors


N.N. Semenov Institute of Chemical Physics

of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Russia. Moscow, 117977 Kosygina ul.,4


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The law of temporal hierarchies of the biological world allows us to pick out of the biomass quasi-closed thermodynamic systems of a specific hierarchy. The use of this law of Nature as applied to supramolecular structures of organisms allows us the opportunity of using the methods of equilibrium supramolecular thermodynamics in the examination of open living systems. It has been proven that the second law of thermodynamics in its classic formulation is easy to apply to specific aspects of living systems in order to make calculations, carried out through methods of chemical, supramolecular and overall hierarchical thermodynamics.

Keywords: Second law of thermodynamics, Law of temporal hierarchies, Supramolecular thermodynamics, Origin of life, Biological evolution, Aging.

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