Autocreative Hierarchy I:
Structure – Ecosystemic Dependence and Autonomy



Ron Cottam, Willy Ranson and Roger Vounckx

The Evolutionary Processing Group

IMEC Brussels, ETRO

Brussels Free University (VUB)

Pleinlaan 2, 1050 Brussels, Belgium

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The natural sciences experience great difficulty in addressing the nature of life. Most particularly, self-consistent theories of observable scalar differences across biological systems are lacking. We have developed a rational scheme for modeling the natural emergence of multi-level hierarchies, and for the characterization of hierarchical entities and systems. This paper describes the resultant birational structure which may be attributed to a real hierarchy. The emergence of new levels is related to the cross-scale transport of both order and novelty, and hierarchical development is attributed to inter-level negotiation of dependence and autonomy. Hyperscalar precursors of understanding and learning, and of complementary logical and emotional operations appear naturally in hierarchies as a consequence of their global stabilization.

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