Autocreative Hierarchy II:
Dynamics – Self-Organization, Emergence and Level-Changing


Ron Cottam, Willy Ranson and Roger Vounckx

The Evolutionary Processing Group

IMEC Brussels, ETRO

Brussels Free University (VUB)

Pleinlaan 2, 1050 Brussels, Belgium


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Natural systems are characterized more by the way they change than by their appearance at any one moment in time. There is, however, no self-consistent theory capable of ascribing the development of living hierarchical organisms to conventional scientific rationality. We have derived a generic model for the dynamics and evolution of natural hierarchical systems. This paper presents the resultant birational dynamics which may be attributed to a real hierarchy. We describe the nature of self-organization and of emergence in hierarchies, and the rationality which may be employed to move between scalar levels. We propose the use of diffusely-rational recursive Dempster-Shafer-probability to model inter-hierarchical-level complex regions, and consider its implications. The evolution of living from non-living systems is attributed to a change in the style of emergence which characterizes the appearance of new scalar levels.

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