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The Integration of Information Processing
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Three days of interdisciplinary exploration of the abiotic and biotic development of information and knowledge within the natural sciences of biology, chemistry and physics, within computational systems, and within socioeconomic systems.

Specific areas of exploration include macroevolution, ecosystems, developmental biology, hierarchies of codification and cognition, entropy, symmetry/asymmetry, the artificial, and the social. The underlying theme of exploration within all these disciplines is the codal or semiotic organization of evolution and development of information and knowledge within our cosmos.


Eugenio Andrade, Biology, Colombia
Mishtu Banerjee, Richmond, BC. Canada
Dan Brooks, Zoology, University of Toronto
Rodney Clarke, Business Systems, University of Wollongong, Australia
Ron Cottam, Evolutionary Processing Group, University of Brussels, Belgium
Gerd Doben-Henisch, Institute fur Neue Medien, Frankfurt, Germany
Claus Emmeche, Biology, Copenhagen
George Farre, Georgetown University, Washington DC
Donald Favareau, Applied Linguistics, UCLA, USA
Georgi Gladyshev, Institute of Physico-Chemical Problems of Evolution, Moscow
Paul Griffiths, Department of History and Philosophy of Science, U of Pittsburgh
Ricardo Gudwin, Computer Engineering & Industrial Automation, State University of Campinas, Brazil
Jesper Hoffmeyer, Institute of Molecular Biology, Copenhagen
Wolfgang Hofkirchener, Vienna, Austria, Vienna University of Technology, Austria
Rene Jorna, Department of Management Informatics, University of Groningen, Netherlands
Norm Johnson, Los Alamos, USA
Brian Josephson, Physics, Cambridge, UK
Cliff Joslyn, Los Alamos, USA
Kalevi Kull, Biology Estonia
Loet Leydesdorff, Communications, Amsterdam
Shu-Kun Lin, Molecular Diversity, Switzerland
Koichiro Matsuno, BioEngineering, Japan
Brian Maurer, Michigan State University, USA
Alexander Mehler, Linguistics, Trier, Germany
Jack Maze, Botany, UBC, Canada
Ray Paton, Computer Science, Liverpool, UK
Leonid Perlovsky, Physics & Mathematics, Boston, USA
Luis Rocha, Los Alamos, USA
Rob Shields, Sociology, Carleton, Ottawa
Eors Szathmary, Collegium Budapest, Hungary
Stan Salthe, Binghamton, NY
Jonathan Smith, Department of Mathematics, Iowa State University
Bernard Testa, School of Pharmacy, Lausanne, Switzerland
Robert Ulanowicz, Chesapeake Biological Laboratory
Guiseppe Vitiello, Physics, Salerno, Italy.
Bruce Weber, Chemistry, California State University-Fullerton