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Foundations of Information Science (FIS)

List owner: Pedro C. Marijáun
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List owner (manager/moderator): Joseph Ransdell
A discussion list for the philosophy of C.S. Peirce and related issues.
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VCU Complexity Research Group
List owner: Don Mickulecky
Discussions of complexity related issues, especially as related to living and social systems. A very active group, with far-ranging discussion.
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"subscribe complexity-l" (without the quotes) to: LISTSERV@VENUS.VCU.EDU.

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Biosemiotics SIG is a Special Interest Group created under the auspicies of the International Association for Semiotic Studies. The objectives of the Biosemiotics SIG are to further collaborative research inside the field of biosemiotics as described below:
1) by forming an internet based continuous workshop on biosemitoics (through exchange of views and critical comments on all matters of concern)
2) by supporting meeting activities of all kinds connected to biosemiotics
3) by trying to canalize the efforts of participants towards a shared problem space.

Integrative Study Colloquium, International Society for the System Sciences
"We hope to develop a framework for thought, a network of integrative concepts. As a stimulus and starting point (not endpoint) for thought, a quantum of information--a concise "Framework Statement" and some commentaries upon it--will be sent participants once every week or two. They will be supplemented, from time to time, with material on the ramifications of integrative study: on its nature is; the problems it faces; and how its approaches differ from those of the areas of specialization. The creation of a systems framework / network is a joint venture. Feel free to contribute commentaries: corrections, comments, amplifications, and additions in response to the weekly installments. To help keep our interactions uncluttered, we will be on the lookout for short, powerful, edited statements. Please do not send articles."

Content Supplier: Joseph Engelberg; Content Manager: Carlene Hodges Consultant: Darrin Burchell; Web Master: Bob Bartels
Office of Integrative Studies (Physiology), University of Kentucky College of Medicine, Lexington, Kentucky 40536-0298
For more information, please contact:
Dr. Edwina Taborsky