The Internal and the External Semiosic Properties of Reality


Edwina Taborsky Bishop’s University Lennoxville, Quebec. Canada J1M 1Z7



This paper explores semiosis as a process that transforms inaccessible energy into accessible energy. On this view, semiosis is a process enabling energy to stabilize itself in an 'informed' state by means of increasingly complex codification processes. Accessible energy is thus understood as 'information' and/or 'knowledge'. Codification constitutes a dynamic evolution of networks of relations by which information develops within a maturing interpretive architecture. This architectural network is examined within three categories of relations, Peircean Firstness, Secondness and Thirdness. This leads us, first, into an examination of different modes of the evolution of knowledge. The second part of the paper examines the semiosic action in more detail as a process establishing relationships within five nodal sites, moving energy from the sensate to the interpreted, from the uninformed and unformed to the informed and formed.


Keywords: Semiosis, energy transformation, information, codification, interpretation.

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