Semiotics of Terminology:
A Semiotic Knowledge Profile


By their fruits ye shall know them

(Matt. 7:15-20)


Assistant Professor PhD Torkild Thellefsen

Department of Communication

Aalborg University, Kroghstræde 3,

9220 Aalborg Ø



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It is not possible to organize knowledge using universalistic knowledge theories in accordance with any realistic theory and it is not possible to represent knowledge in a thesaurus structure simply because the thesaurus is too rigid to compensate for the conceivable bearings of a concept. Furthermore the author does not believe that knowledge is actually organized the same way that a thesaurus is structured. A thesaurus is a tool developed on the basis of nominalistic knowledge theories, whereas a Knowledge Profile is developed on the basis of a critical realism that respect the knowledge structure and tries to represent the knowledge structure in accordance with the existing knowledge structures. The focus of the article is to sharpen the definition of the semiotic knowledge organization method SKO by drawing a knowledge profile for SKO.